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Protecting Our Corner of the Watershed

Catch Basin Maintenance

Stormwater drainage systems are typically designed to remove water from a developed area as quickly as possible during a storm and while these systems are convenient for urban residents, they also carry pollutants to surface waters at a "rapid transit" pace.  Catch basins are stormwater inlets that filter out debris such as leaves and litter which are typically located next to street curbs or residential yards.  Because it is important to maintain catch basins to prevent blockages and minimize the amount of pollutants entering the waters of the State through storm sewers, the Village currently has the streets swept monthly from April to September.  A deeper basin cleaning is performed every three years.  


Residents can help in the following ways:


*  Check drains near your property and remove debris build-up, especially in fall and spring when litter and leaves are most prevalent.

*  Notify the Village Office when storm drain labels indicating "no dumping" need replacement.

*  Do not dispose of oil, pet waste, pool water or other household hazardous materials in the storm drains and report illegal activity.



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