How Can Picking Up After Your Pet Help Keep Our Environment Clean?

When our four legged friends leave those little surprises, rain can wash the pet waste and bacteria into our storm drains which then pollutes our waterways.  It's a health risk to pets and people, especially children.  Because pet waste is full of pathogens, if it ends up in rivers and other water bodies it degrades our water quality and can cause illness.

Following these tips can keep our environment healthy for generations to come:

Bring a Bag.  Carry a plastic bag when walking pets and be sure to pick up after them.  If you walk in the Village, we have installed six bag stations at various locations for your convenience.

Clean Up Regularly.  Pick up after your pets before watering your yard or cleaning patios and driveways.  NEVER hose pet waste into the street or gutter.

Properly Dispose of Waste.  Bury small quantities in your yard where it can decompose slowly.  Dig a hole one foot deep and put three to four inches of waste at the bottom, covering with at least eight inches of soil.  Bury the waste in several different areas of your yard but keep it away from vegetable gardens!  You can also put it out with the trash.

Thank you for keeping our waters safe and clean!

Village of Dimondale Stormwater Management Program

Greater Lansing Regional Committee

Eaton County Resource Recovery