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Protecting Our Corner of the Watershed

It All Drains to Our Lakes and Rivers


A watershed is defined as an area that drains to a common point.  That common point may be a lake, the outlet of a river or any point within a river system.  As residents of the Village of Dimondale, we are part of the Grand River Watershed and therefore anything that enters our storm drains or catch basins eventually ends up in the Grand River.  Here are a few easy steps to take that will help  protect our watershed: 


*  Soil test before you apply fertilizers, and if needed, use low or no-phosphorous products.

*  Dispose of pet waste properly.

*  Recycle and dispose of household chemicals properly.

*  Maintain vehicles, eliminating leaks and spills.

*  Report all elicit discharges such as materials being dumped into a storm drain or direct connections to the river by contacting the Village Office at 517-646-0230 or the EGLE hotline 1-800-292-4706.



The Grand River
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