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Bridge at Danford Island Park
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Danford Island Park

Danford Island Park is located at the end of West Washington Street.  This riverfront park includes access to the Grand River from a canoe launch and a fishing pier.  Picnic tables and benches are available for visitors and a bridge connects the front of the park to a walking path on the "island".  There are no restrooms available at this location.

Danford Island Park Rain Garden


A rain garden is an area created to collect run-off water with a coarse soil mixture beneath a bed of native plants.  Run-off water collects in the rain garden, soaks quickly into the soils or is absorbed by the plants in the garden.  As storm water soaks into the ground, pollutants like sediment, fertilizer and oil/grease are filtered out making the groundwater that reaches a stream, river or lake cleaner.  Rain gardens were constructed to manage storm water run-off in Danford Park and native plants have been exclusively cultivated throughout the park since its opening.

Turtles Hatched at Danford Island Park

Baby snapping turtle that hatched at Danford Island Park

Video of turtles hatching at Danford Island Park

Lions Community Park

The Dimondale Lion's Community Park, located at 304 West Jefferson Street, sits on the bank of the Grand River.  The park offers a large pavilion, three picnic shelters, grills, restroom facilities, a natural fishing site, horseshoe pits and a playground.  The park pavilion is available to rent from May through October.  Restrooms are only available for rentals.

Historical Walking Tour


Looking for some fresh air, a little exercise and the opportunity to learn about our community?  If the answer is yes, then the Historical Walking Tour is for you!  This entertaining walk is

self-directed and provides a look at Dimondale today and yesterday.  Walkers can scan the QR codes located on the signs throughout the Village for information and pictures at  Tour flyers can also be found at the Village Office which is a good place to begin the walk.

Sidewalks throughout the Village are marked with a yellow "d" every half mile so you can measure your steps as you walk your way to health and enjoyment.  Thanks to the Michigan Association of Realtors  - Lighter, Cheaper, Quicker Grant for funding benches and signs along the Historical Walking Tour route.

Do you know: How many passenger trains once traveled through Dimondale each day?  Where the High School was located?  Was there a hotel downtown?  What did Isaac Dimond originally name his town?  Did something happen in 1888?  You could learn the answers to these questions and much more...Discover Dimondale through the Historical Walking Tour.

Tumblers Support Park Development

Tumbler sold to support Danford Island Park

New supplies have arrived!  Available for $10 at the Village Office, get yours now.  All proceeds go to improve the Island Park.

Heritage Water Trail


Have you heard about the Middle Grand River Heritage Water Trail?  Explore the Grand River from Eaton Rapids to Lyons.  For more information visit

The Middle Grand River Water Trail